King County has important updates to share! Inside you will find updated information on several tabs reflecting changes in the contractor's construction plans. These changes reduce community impacts during pipe bursting. Find updated content throughout the site in green boxes dated "2/27/2018."

The County's contractor has proposed staging for the final pipe pull that will allow almost all residents access to their homes. King County will work with all project neighbors throughout the remainder of the project. We have marked updated content in this online open house with green boxes.

Construction is underway to restore the Magnolia Wet Weather Facility to operations, working to reduce untreated wastewater and stormwater flowing to Puget Sound. King County's contractor is gearing up to assemble another pipe and pull it through the existing pipe corridor from 32nd Avenue West to Smith Cove Park. 

The restored pipeline will convey excess flows of stormwater and wastewater to an underground storage tank, located in Smith Cove Park. This tank is designed to store excess flows in large storms, reducing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into Puget Sound. After storms, stored flows are sent to the West Point Treatment Plant in Discovery Park.

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The project pipe (shown in red line above) connected the sewer system to a storage tank in Smith Cove Park. Once another pipe is installed, the Magnolia Wet Weather Facility will be back online, helping to protect Puget Sound water quality.