Construction activities and schedule

King County's contractor began construction at Smith Cove Park in December 2017 and 32nd Avenue West in January 2018. Pipe bursting is expected in late March/early April, followed by restoration of affected structures, streets, and landscaping. Scroll through the pictures below to learn about the planned construction activities in both locations.

King County's contractor will close a portion of 32nd Avenue West to fuse pipe sections. After shorter segments are assembled, they will extend segments onto Clise Place West prior to and during the pipe bursting. The contractor will extend the pipe along the east side of 32nd Avenue West to the entry pit during the bursting step. This plan reduces the number of 2-hour fusion periods during the pull, shortens the time required, and maintains access to most homes on 32nd Avenue West, and by the waterfront. 

The County's contractors often propose different ways to carry out work. The County's project team reviews and approves these proposals, and Community Relations shares updated activities with project neighbors and the community.


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This is a tentative construction schedule. Dates and durations are estimates and subject to change. Information about construction will be provided in advance of activities in each area.