What to expect - Smith Cove Park

Construction began in December 2017

  • Contractor mobilized to the site in August 2017
  • Crews will excavate the exit pit in Smith Cove Park 
  • Excavation will occur at the base of the hill
  • A drill rig will be used to pull the pipeline from 32nd Avenue West to Smith Cove Park
  • The contractor will restore the work area

What to expect:

  • King County's contractor is expected to occupy the work area through June 2018
  • Public access to the north end of the Smith Cove athletic field will be maintained
  • Increased noise, and construction activity in Smith Cove Park
  • Construction equipment such as drilling rigs, trucks, mud plants, cranes and excavators will be located at the worksite
  • Occasional short delays for deliveries on 23rd Avenue West - access to businesses will be maintained
  • Traffic control personnel and signs to help traffic and trail users pass by the work area safely

The work area in Smith Cove Park athletic fields is similar to the previous project.

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Smith Cove Park's southern athletic field will be closed through June 2018.